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What to expect at your hair trial and how to prepare.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Here I have outlined some tips and information on how to prepare your hair for your trial and the big day!

When should you book your trial..

Firstly I recommend to book your trial 6 - 10 weeks before your wedding, I usually find this works best especially if you are someone who likes to change the colour and style of your hair often, as you will be able to get a better idea of how your hair will look on your wedding day. If you would like to book more than one trial appointment or you wish to book further in advance to see how I work then this is absolutely fine.


I encourage all of my brides to look for inspiration online and to save and send me pictures of styles that you like and want to re-create on your wedding day. This helps to give me an idea of what you have in mind prior to your appointment. It is important that when looking for inspiration that you are looking at pictures of brides with a similar colour hair to your own, the colour of your hair can impact how a style looks.

Preparing your hair..

As soon as possible get yourself in to a good hair care routine; use heat protectors and conditioning treatments regularly, this will help your hair look its best on your wedding day!

The day before your appointment please follow the following steps:

  • Shampoo your hair twice! this will ensure that any product build up is removed.

  • Use conditioner but only on the mid lengths and ends, avoiding the roots.

  • Thoroughly rinse! so when you think you have rinsed enough, rinse some more! any product left in the hair will effect the style.

  • Dry your hair using a hair dryer pointing in a downward direction from root to tip, this will help the hair look smooth and shiny.

  • Once dry do not apply any styling products or heat tools. Avoid using hair bobbles/clips or anything that will create unnecessary kinks in the hair.

  • If you are someone that has a more oily hair type and would prefer to wash your hair on the morning of the appointment/wedding then this is absolutely fine. Just ensure that your hair is thoroughly dry before my arrival.

What should you bring to your trial..

Bring your inspiration pictures you have of styles that you like, and try to make a note of what it is that you like about each style, so on one picture you may like the front of the style and on another it may be how the curls fall, and also show me what you don't like.

It is really helpful to me if I can see a picture of your dress, this will help me create a style that perfectly compliments and shows off your wedding gown.

Bring your veil and any hair accessories, if you are undecided about these then I have a selection of accessories that we can experiment with throughout the trial, and then afterwards you can decide if you would like to purchase your own.

If you have chosen your jewellery that you will be wearing on the day, I would love to see this too!

Clip-in hair extensions are not provided, you will need to provide these at your trial if you are unsure if extensions will be necessary to achieve your desired hairstyle we can discuss this before your appointment.

Prior to your trial I will arrange a telephone consultation to discuss your inspiration in more detail, and answer any questions that you may have.

Try to only bring one or two people with you to your appointment, I find too many opinions can be over whelming and confusing for a bride. Throughout the trial we will take plenty of photos that you will be able to share with other members of the bridal party that couldn't make it.

What to wear...

when deciding on hair styles if can be helpful if you wear a top that is a similar colour and style to the top of your wedding dress. Also, wearing make up will help to give you a better idea of how you will look on the big day.

Brides to be.. I look forward to meeting you and hearing all of your wedding day plans!

Michelle x

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